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Prerequisites to apply

The application on CampusArt is free


Required level

Depending on the training chosen, justify a baccalaureate level, 1, 2 or 3 years in art (visual arts, art history, music, architecture, design, cinema, video, dance, graphics…) or architecture. You can apply even if you have not yet graduated. If you are in the year of obtaining a baccalaureate level or another diploma, simply indicate your diploma in progress and submit your application. You can update your file later even if you have applied.
(See the prerequisites for each training in the online catalog
(See the prerequisites for each training in the online catalog

Sufficient level in french

Have a sufficient level in French (see the prerequisites for each of the training catalog). You can be excused according to some test cases. Check the link below. If you are concerned indicate “Dispense” in the TCF box for example. If you are concerned, indicate “exemption” in the TCF box for example. You can apply even if you have not yet obtained your French level certificate. If you are in the process of obtaining your French level, simply indicate “in progress” and submit your application. You can update your file later even if you have applied.

Tests and degrees in french as a foreign language

Personal work / portfolio

For the trainings that ask for it, present your own work (paintings, photographs, videos, …) on the Internet (website, portfolio, blog, link to a PDF containing all the required items, …).
Only the content of the website, and not the form, will be taken into consideration; it is in no way necessary to use sophisticated presentations with animations or other effects. This site will provide the basis on which juries from the art schools may decide to interview candidates by telephone.
Each school can add its prerequisite: they will be visible on the “prerequisites” in CampusArt Catalog online tab. You should definitely check this tab on each course to see if you can apply or not. If the prerequisites required do not match your language skills, education or age for their chosen course, the CampusArt team can not validate your application online.

Apply online

You have:

before the application site closes:

Click here to read the application guide
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Closing of online applications: April 30, 2024

Steps in the CampusArt application process

The essential steps for a successful CampusArt record


Get information about

Get information about the different schools, programs and degrees.
Look closely calendar application CampusArt.
Get information about the different procedures, join a French institution depends on your nationality, country of residence and nature of the proposed study:



Choose your programs

When you are on the CampusArt catalog, select the courses that interest you by clicking on the star “Add” button located above the title  of each formation:

– The programs are automatically registered in your basket. In your cart, click on “exporter pour candidature” and you can then paste them into your electronic file in the right place. Please note that you can only register 7 programs options on the application website.
For the students concerned, you have the right to choose schools that are not connected to the “Etudes en France” procedure, that is to say which do not appear in the list of schools on “Etudes en France”: These schools are on CampusArt, we invite you to use this application platform. The “Studies in France” procedure is compulsory for students from the countries concerned but not for French higher education establishments. It is therefore normal that you do not find all the schools in the list of the Studies in France procedure. On CampusArt, you can apply to these schools.
– Use the same computer for steps 1 and 2.
– You can change your selection to the final validation of your electronic file.



Fill out your application online

– Complete your online application in French or in English. All the programs’ responsible of members CampusArt schools will have access to your file as soon as it is approved by us.

Online application User’s guide/F.A.Q.

– In the “Make a placement request” tab, click on “Add code formations” and Paste CampusArt catalog formations in the field “add code formations” with your ctrl + v keys then click on this button button: the computer imports the formations recorded in step 1.

Warning: you will validate your electronic file. Make sure you have uploaded all the documents to the information entered.



List of supporting documents to be attached online

Here is the list of supporting documents that you need to add on your application and profile file:
* 2 letters of recommendation (written in French, English or Spanish);
* Official documents (diplomas, certificates, etc.) supporting the information you provided in your electronic information, translated into French by a qualified translator. If your documents are in Spanish or English, you can send them as is without a translator;
* Reports (transcripts) of your grades in their original language AND translated into French by a qualified translator (translations are optional for grade reports in  Spanish or English);
* your French test result (TCF, TEF, DELF or DALF) if you already have it. If you do not have it yet, choose “being obtained” from the drop-down menu. If you correspond to the French test waiver case, indicate it;
* Your birth certificate or equivalent record of birth, translated into French by a qualified translator (translations are optional for grade reports in Spanish or English);
* 1 passport photo;
* Three envelopes with your name and address in 2 languages (your original language and French) for your attestation.

The deadline to upload your supporting documents is indicated on the CampusArt Web site and on the calendar above.
If you can not do it, send a complete pdf file by mail to (don’t exceed a maximum weight of 7 megs) or using TransferNow (, or copies, Do not send original documents, without staples at the following address:

Direction des Relations Extérieures et Institutionnelles
CampusArt – Marie Chamoreau
28, rue de la Grange-aux-Belles
75010 Paris – France


Status Application

  1. CampusArt inform you about your file receipt.
  2. CampusArt verifies that the documents uploaded are consistent with your electronic file and validates the appropriate your CampusArt application on your online account.

Validation does not mean selection: the selection of candidates is done by institutions.



Pay attention at the schools proposals

CampusArt members are sending you an offer on your CampusArt online account :

  1. Periodically review your mails and your CampusArt online account to track results.
  2. You may receive one or more proposals. Schools report:
    * The exact wording of the proposed program;
    * The amount of fees for the proposed progral. Institutions will let you know whether or not they waive tuition fees when they make their admission proposals;
    * Coordinates of the institution and the person in charge of registration.



Accept a proposal and complete your registration

Program choice and payment of fees:

– If you receive multiple offers, you must choose only one offer. The chosen school guarantees your pre-registration if you agree.

Every institutions can give you an offer even if you did not indicate in your five top choices some of these schools.

– If you decide to respond positively to any suggestions you have to confirm your registration:
* Using the specific electronic form that is available on your CampusArt account;
* By paying expenses CampusArt folder, in the amount of 300 euros, by international credit card via our secur system or bank transfer (expenses not reimbursed). Please follow the directions on your secure CampusArt online account.



CampusArt and your certificates

Once your registration is completed by paying the CampusArt fees, the CampusArt Paris team:

  1. send you by email and by post:
    * Certification of pre-registration in your future college or university;
    * Certification of application and payment CampusArt;
  2. send your name and these two certificates to Campus France Espace your country, thus accelerating the visa application.

Warning: any student who did not complete his CampusArt application will not be on the list sent to the Campus France Areas of his country.



Enroll in higher education

Follow the various procedures: join a French institution depends on your nationality, country of residence and nature of the proposed study: