Prepare for your stay

Prepare for your stay


Get information

CampusArt is a way to guide and to get information. CampusArt is an additional opportunity for a student to quickly obtain an admission certificate from a French institution, which will help him apply for the visa.



CampusArt does not replace the “Etudes en France” process established in most countries where a visa is required. The “Etudes en France” process is mandatory in the countries concerned. You must follow the steps at the same time you complete the CampusArt application, since this is the “Etudes en France” process which will then enable you to get the French visa.
Some countries provide facilities “Etudes en France” procedure for students who will be enrolled by CampusArt : half price or free for fees exemption or maintenance of acceleration. This is the case of Algeria, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Colombia, Vietnam, … Check with your Campus France Area.



And CampusArt is free until the applicant chooses to accept an offer of admission. So there’s no reason to hesitate. CampusArt was established to inform and assist prospective international students.

Your stay in France

Essential steps to prepare your stay


Learn French

Warning! To enroll foreign students, most French schools should require a TEST or DIPLOMA knowledge of French.
Generally, the B2 level required licence, DNA, DMA or DEEA, C1 level in Master, DNSEP DSAA or DEA.
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Enroll in higher education

Fill CampusArt file online first!

User’s guide/F.A.Q. Online application

Then follow the various procedures: join a French institution depends on your nationality, country of residence and nature of the proposed study:



Obtaining a visa

Know more about the different visas’ types and Visa problems


Finance your program

Get information about the cost of education and funding opportunities:


Finding a place to live

Before beginning your search, it is important to decide on the type of housing your looking for. Your financial resources, the length of your stay, and the nature of your program will shape that decision.