CampusArt operation

CampusArt operation

The application on CampusArt is free

Foreign students who want to study art or architecture (fine arts, art history, music, architecture, design, film, video, dance, graphics,…) have the opportunity to address their online applications to all the network institutions through a single file online.

The application is an electronic form detailing the student career. It must mention preferences (programs areas, specialties and types of program) and make 7 courses’ choices. We recommend selecting Universities also. It is supplemented by supporting documents to be attached to the CampusArt application file, allowing verification of the information in the electronic file.
This file can be accessed by all programs managers proposed by CampusArt.

Schools Network contact candidates who caught their interest and possibly send their proposal for admission.

Applicants are free to accept or reject a proposal: they can only enroll in one of their courses on their personnal CampusArt account.

Applicants must verify the program level offered and prerequisites (what degree, what year of entry into training …).

Enrolling in a CampusArt program is confirmed by the payment of fee (300 euro, non refundable) on the CampusArt account of the applicant and not directly with the school. Candidates don’t have to pay until the confirmation of enrollment (excluding any costs relating to documents that accompany the electronic file).

The costs programs themselves are then paid directly to the host institution. The amount is specified in the offers sent to candidates.

Warning: any student who did not complete his CampusArt application will not be registered on the list sent to the Campus France Areas corresponding to his country.

CampusArt does not cancel the “Etudes en France” procedure implemented in most countries where a visa is required. The “Etudes en France” procedure is compulsory in the countries concerned. For the students concerned, you have the right to choose schools that are not connected to the “Etudes en France” procedure, that is to say which do not appear in the list of schools on “Etudes en France”: These schools are on CampusArt, we invite you to use this application platform. The “Etudes en France” procedure is compulsory for students from the countries concerned but not for French higher education establishments. It is therefore normal that you do not find all the schools in the list of the Etudes en France procedure. On CampusArt, you can apply to these schools.

Some countries provide facilities “Etudes en France” procedure for students who will be enrolled by CampusArt: half price or free for fees exemption or maintenance of acceleration. This is the case of Algeria, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Colombia, Vietnam, Russia,…
First end your CampusAt procedure, and when the CampusArt team has sent you your certificates admission, you can then skip the application phase on the Studies in France procedure and immediately go to the “I am accepted” step: you can upload the certificates that the CampusArt team has sent to you on your Studies in France account.