CampusArt network

A network of French higher institutions of art and architecture

CampusArt is a network of French higher education offering university level programs within the field of art and architecture, led by Campus France with the support of the Ministries of Higher Education, Resarch and Innovation, Europe and Foreign Affairs and Culture, and the ANdÉA (Association Nationale des Écoles Supérieures d’Art).

CampusArt Missions

To promote French programs in art and architecture to international audiences.

The CampusArt network offers students from all over the world a wide choice of programs in art tailored to the needs of the international student, at both preparatory classes, Bachelor, Master, Post-Master levels and PhD. These programs (currently more than seven hundred), mainly run by public or private post-secondary art and architecture schools and universities, are presented in the catalog CampusArt of this website.

To raise the international visibility of French’s higher education schools and universities of art and architecture.

More than 80 Campus France websites, throughout the world, promote French programs as well as information relating to schools in art and architecture in more than 30 languages: fact sheets, catalogs,…

To offer students and institutions an application and enrollment tool that is efficient and reliable.

Programs catalog in art and architecture :

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6 reasons to go through CampusArt



CampusArt is a way to guide and inform you by offering full information on higher education, fields of study, degrees, institutions, and research, among other topics : art, architecture, fashion, design, 3D, music, …


1 innovative application process

Using a single electronic file, foreign students have the opportunity to submit their applications online at several institutions and to be contacted by all 150 CampusArt members schools.


Admission remote

CampusArt use facilitated admission without an entrance examination and without having to appear in person before a jury.


Extra opportunity

CampusArt is an additional opportunity, for a already high level student, to quickly obtain an admission certificate from a French institution, which will help him apply for the visa.


Our network

Students will also have the opportunity of meeting a Campus France representative to assist them in filling out their CampusArt electronic application form :Campus France near you


CampusArt is finally free until you decide to accept an institution’s pre-enrollment offer on your CampusArt account, so please APPLY NOW!

You have:

before the application site closes:

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Closing of online applications: April 30, 2024

CampusArt does not cancel the “Etudes en France” procedure implemented in most countries where a visa is required. The “Etudes en France” procedure is compulsory in the countries concerned. For the students concerned, you have the right to choose schools that are not connected to the “Etudes en France” procedure, that is to say which do not appear in the list of schools on “Etudes en France”: These schools are on CampusArt, we invite you to use this application platform. The “Etudes en France” procedure is compulsory for students from the countries concerned but not for French higher education establishments. It is therefore normal that you do not find all the schools in the list of the Etudes en France procedure. On CampusArt, you can apply to these schools.

Some countries provide facilities “Etudes en France” procedure for students who will be enrolled by CampusArt: half price or free for fees exemption or maintenance of acceleration. This is the case of Algeria, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Colombia, Vietnam, Russia,…
First end your CampusAt procedure, and when the CampusArt team has sent you your certificates admission, you can then skip the application phase on the Studies in France procedure and immediately go to the “I am accepted” step: you can upload the certificates that the CampusArt team has sent to you on your Studies in France account.


Create Art

The CampusArt network is mainly focused on fine arts, design, applied arts, fashion, architecture, music, …  The network comprises both private and public schools offering programs geared towards candidates destined for a career in art in various creative fields, including fashion, interior design and graphic design, …

Study / Manage Art

The network incorporates universities that offer not only many theoretical programs, but also management programs for a career in art. The network constitutes a center of excellence in French post-secondary education. In fact, cultural operators, event managers, directors and managers of artistic companies and various cultural centers of all kinds throughout the country now boast extensive and widely recognized know-how. Theorists and art critics, as well as “cultural managers” often come from universities.


Degrees, certificates and titles in French art schools

Degrees, certificates and titles in French art schools